Toadstool 6×10


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IOD Moulds

IOD Moulds, crafted from food-safe materials (ensure separate sets for food and crafts), enable the creation of various items such as baked goods, furniture, soaps, and jewelry, tapping into your creative potential. They can be used with different materials, with two main options being air-dry clay (like IOD paper clay) and casting resins. Each medium has its unique characteristics, challenges, and benefits.

IOD paper clay, an air-dry medium, exhibits some inherent qualities like slight shrinking, warping, and cracking, which are advantageous for achieving a distressed, vintage appearance. A preferred method is to remove the molded pieces while still moist and affix them to the desired surface using appropriate glue, ensuring a good fit. Low tack tape can be used to secure the piece on vertical surfaces.

In contrast, casting resins offer consistent castings without shrinkage or warping, making them suitable for specific projects. When needed, these resin castings can be adapted to curved surfaces by removing them from the mold before complete hardening.

Regarding releases, they are generally unnecessary, and most castings come out smoothly without using one. However, if the material tends to stick, especially with clays, applying a light dusting of cornstarch or arrowroot can effectively prevent sticking.


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