The Best Paint for Wood Furniture: Fusion Mineral Paint 

Feb 16, 2024 | DIY Furniture

fusion mineral paint for wooden furniture at Modern Yesterdays

Transform your vintage furnishings with the best paint for wood furniture. Fusion™ Mineral Paint is easy to apply and the key to any DIY project. Spend less time and money upcycling and keeping colors vibrant and beautiful. 

Getting More for Less 

One thing that makes Fusion Mineral Paint special is its built-in topcoat. Rather than purchasing multiple quarts of different projects, everything you need comes with a single container. 

With more than 50 colors to choose from, any piece of furniture receives a new lease on life from the very first coat. 

A Product for Beginners and Professionals 

Whether you are new to DIY projects or are a seasoned furniture flipper, having the right materials is the first step to the success of any work of art. Fusion is waterproof and removes the need for waxing and ongoing maintenance. 

All products are:

  • Lead free
  • Virtually odorless
  • Non-toxic 

Having less to organize reduces prep time and allows you to have more time to have fun.

Meet the Creator: Jennylyn Pringle 

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Jennylyn had her first experience with the paint business at the age of 3. After taking over the family business in 2009, she wanted a product that would allow you to finish multiple pieces without wasting a majority of the paint. 

Fusion Mineral Paint works to be the best paint for wood furniture to support small businesses and DIYers. Creating a beautiful space in your home is easy with an all-in-one product. Since 2014, the brand extended its reach to over 30 countries around the world. 

Why DIY?

Buying new furniture takes time and can be expensive. Finding older pieces from a thrift shop brings a vintage feel to your home. If you already have furnishings you love, yet they are clashing with your new aesthetic, a new color may be the solution you need.

Possibilities are limitless when you work with user-friendly products. 

Join a Workshop From Modern Yesterdays 

Whether you are new to furniture-flipping or have years of experience, workshops are a great way to learn new skills, practice the foundations, and make new friends. 

Modern Yesterdays offers private, group, and custom workshops to support you through your project. Instead of working on an extra piece of art, the team encourages you to bring the current piece you are designing at home. 

Having an extra set of eyes helps you see areas of improvement or provides some encouragement for you to finish strong. 

Get the Best Paint for Wood Furniture From Modern Yesterdays

Art is for everyone and brings communities together. Whether you are a pro or only draw stick figures, Modern Yesterdays helps you accomplish all of your furniture restoration goals. 

The team offers workshops, paint, and a selection of large and small pieces of upcycled furnishings. Fusion Mineral Paint makes your life easier and your home stunning. Get the best of both worlds when you sample the paint in a private, group, or custom workshop.

Are you ready to start your next art project? Contact your friends at Modern Yesterdays today.