IOD Transfers: The Modern DIY Project

Feb 2, 2024 | DIY Furniture

iron orchid design transfers for furniture

An estimated 70% of Americans have tried some form of DIY project. Whether you’re new to the process or have tons of experience, IOD transfers are a fun way to breathe fresh air into your home.

Who Is IOD? 

In the world of interior design, using wood is a classic approach to creating someone’s dream space. Iron Orchid Designs created a way for everyday people to add beautiful artwork to their wood furniture. 

Back in 2016, Sally and Josie launched their product line to inspire current and future DIYers to push the limits of their creativity by providing detailed images and molds for people to use as accents to any piece of their collection.

What Makes IOD Transfers Special?

Unlike simple paint or even furniture-specific stickers, transfers bring pictures from the sheet straight to the furniture without damaging or impacting the wood. Any piece of art comes down to minor details. Applying transfers to decor takes time and care for the image to transfer.

How to Apply 

When you find your favorite Iron Orchid Design product, transforming your furniture from something old into something new is simple. 

Step 1: The Prep Work  

One of the most important steps of the process is the preparation stage. Here are a few steps to consider when using your IOD transfer:

  • Prevent the adhesive side from being touched 
  • Avoid dust and debris
  • Be mindful of the temperature and the weather (wind and heat negatively impact the design) 

Step 2: Careful Application 

For any project involving transfers, we recommend using a water-based polyurethane sealer on the surface. After the sealer is ready, it is time to start the transfer: 

Removing the Backing and Choosing Placement 

Slowly remove the white backing and place it on the intended surface without letting it touch until it is in the desired space. Low-tack tape is helpful in small pieces to hold the adhesive in place. 

Smoothing the Transfer

With either a tool of your choice or the one provided, rub the design from one end to the other firmly until the image transfers. If parts of the picture fail to transfer, lay it back down and continue to apply pressure to that area. Once the transfer is complete, use a dry hand and make sure everything is flat and adhered. 

Modern Yesterdays: Your Local IOD Retailer 

Iron Orchid Designs are only available through specified retailers. Modern Yesterdays provides Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding areas the opportunity to learn and enjoy beautiful art in their homes. 

When you visit the boutique, you have the option to join private and group workshops to improve your skills and knowledge of the world of upcycling. You can even bring your current projects and work on them in the workshop. 

Whether you need a supportive community or a place to shop for your future furnishings, Modern Yesterdays is here for you.

Are you ready to get your DIY on with IOD transfers? Contact Modern Yesterdays today.