Keep History Alive With Refurbished Wood Furniture 

Jan 19, 2024 | DIY Furniture

refurbished wooden furniture that has been repainted by Modern Yesterdays

Do you love the feeling of adding a unique piece of furniture to your home? Whether it’s for your own place or as a gift to someone special, one-of-a-kind furnishings bring function and beauty to any space. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to find pieces that perfectly match your aesthetic — especially in new furniture stores. And the prices? Forget about it. 

We believe the best solution lies in refurbished wood furniture. Also known as reclaimed wood furniture, it has a vintage appeal and, with a little elbow grease and TLC, can be fully customizable to match your sense of style. 

Updating Your Home With Upcycled Furniture 

Have you ever seen DIY videos on social media of influencers refurbishing their furniture? Upcycling is the process of reusing old or discarded materials to create something with higher value. Making refurbished wood furniture from things you find at home or a thrift shop is a fun way of designing your space — and maybe even starting your own hobby or small business.

5 Upcycling Ideas for Refurbished Wood  

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to the details of their home. Finding what works for you takes time and experimentation. Upcycling older wood furniture is full of endless possibilities. Some of the most popular ways people upcycle their pieces include: 

A Pop of Color 

Does your room ever feel like it is missing something? Sometimes, all you need is a little color. Taking your dresser or bedside table and adding some fresh paint often does the trick and transforms a tired space into something far more interesting. 

Total Transformation 

Imagine finding an old door that’s in good condition. Did you know that one man’s door is potentially another man’s table? Connecting other pieces of wood or metal to the door transforms it into something else entirely. The possibilities for refurbished wood furniture are endless with a bit of imagination. 

From Refinishing to Refined and Restained

If you have a chair, table, or dresser you love but it’s lost its shine, a fresh coat of stain can bring it back to life. Restaining enhances the small details that are often missed. 

Stay on the Move With Wheels 

Rearranging your home is hard to do by yourself. Make things safer and more functional by adding wheels or casters to refurbished wood furniture. Turn any cabinet or table into a bar cart with an easy or portable desk.

New Elements 

Have you ever found yourself looking for new inventions to make life easier at home? New parents benefit from turning a small dresser into a changing table. Or a board game collector increasing the storage space of their cabinets. Regardless of your needs, refurbished wood furniture has endless potential. 

The Refurbished Wood Furniture Pros: Modern Yesterdays

Whether you need a pair of fresh eyes on your project or want to refurbish your multiple accessories in your home, shopping locally is the best place to start.

Modern Yesterdays, located in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania, helps our community breathe new life into old furniture. Join the team for group or private workshops where you bring your piece to work hands-on alongside an industry professional. 

Even if you are new to upcycling, getting started is fun and easy. If you are ready to try your new hobby, contact Modern Yesterdays today.